Subject and general terms

These General terms of the contract between “DURONTO EXPRESS” Ltd. and its end users set forward the terms and order of courier services consignation.
These General terms are obligatory both for DURONTO EXPRESS and MERCHANT.
The General terms are inseparable part of the individual contract with MERCHANT.
The up-to-date Tariff guide of DURONTO EXPRESS is inseparable part of the General terms.
When a shipment is handed to DURONTO EXPRESS, consignee accepts on his behalf and on behalf of MERCHANT, associated with the shipment, that these General terms are in force, except if other is agreed in writing with an empowered DURONTO EXPRESS official.

Services range and characteristics

DURONTO EXPRESS executes domestic and international courier services. Courier services are non-universal postal services, defined in the Postal Services Law 1898.
DURONTO EXPRESS delivers services, to users from all settlements on the territory of People’s Republic of Bangladesh. International shipments may have any destination in the world.
Orders are taken from Saturday to Friday for domestic, and if the pickup and delivery are in the same city, then delivery will be done within next 24 to 48 hours. 

Types of shipments:
Letter – written message on any media, inserted in an DURONTO EXPRESS card envelope.
Document – written messages or printed materials, without commercial value (which do not fit in an DURONTO EXPRESS card envelope).
Non-document – shipments with defined dimensions and weight, usually containing items with or without commercial value.
Non-document shipments may be cash-on-delivery or not, depending on the sender.
There are no limits of the number of packages in a multi-package shipment.
Size and weight limits:
The standard weight of a single package for domestic shipment: 1 kg.
The maximum weight of a single package for domestic shipment: 5кg.
The standard size of a single package: 25x19x3 см. 
The maximum size of a single package: 36x25x8 см.
7.  Calculating and charging the weight of the shipment:
Price is determined based on the general actual weight or the general dimensional weight of all packages in the shipment, whichever is greater. Dimensional weight is determined using the following formula:
Length х Width х Height in centimeters / 6000 = dimensional weight in kilograms. 
DURONTO EXPRESS reserves the right to weight and calculate over again every package, to confirm calculations.

     8.  Pickup locations could be maximum 01 (ONE)
Fees & Charges

1. 70tk for a single location delivery for single standard package and weight (1kg).
2. Same location multi package will charge same as 70 tk within standard 
3. For more than 1 kg,30tk (thirty) taka/500gm will be added with 70 takas.  
4. No pickup charge.

Access terms

DURONTO EXPRESS guarantees equal access to all users for all available services.
Receiving shipments is based on a phone call by the sender or according to preliminary agreement with MERCHANT.
Quality of service

Shipment delivery term, according to the up-to-date Tariff guide.
Courier services guarantee not only greater speed and safety of accepting, handling and delivering of shipments personally to the consignee, but also rendering of all or some of the following additional services:
        2.1. collecting from sender’s address
        2.2. delivering up to specific date
        2.3.  optional change of destination and consignee while the shipment is being handled.
        2.4.   receiving written or verbal information on delivery date and hour of the shipment (if requested by the sender).
         2.5.   controlled supervision and tracking of shipments (service will be available asap).
    2.6. DURONTO EXPRESS is bound to ensure the safety of the shipments and to keep all correspondence confidential (sender and consignee), not only while services are being rendered but also after that. DURONTO EXPRESS will not give out information on shipments and their contents, except to sender and consignee and their empowered representatives, and to guarantee the security of the network.

All services prices are defined by DURONTO EXPRESS according to the requirements of the Postal Services Law and are dependable on the type of service, destination zone, weight of shipment and additional fees and taxes, if such are applicable. Payment is paid by Bank account or cheque with hand cash and mobile payment. 
   DURONTO EXPRESS will have received delivery payments from MERCHANTby subtract from COD payment.  
Requirements for collecting and delivering of shipments

DURONTO EXPRESS accepts shipments, which are adequately shaped and packed for transportation and are not endangering the safety of other shipments.
Sender supplies packaging. Envelopes and packets of the shipments must comply with the following requirements: 
23.1. they must be appropriate for the weight, shape and type of content of the shipment, as well with the method of transportation and transportation continuance.
23.2. Packaging and enclosement of shipments should ensure the safety their contents in a manner that not only it should not be possible to damage it, but also to prevent access to it without visible notice of packaging been breached, or to allow discloser of shipment content to third parties.
DURONTO EXPRESS reserves the right to refuse any package, which does not comply with the requirements. 

In case of doubt concerning forbidden goods or substances in the shipment, DURONTO EXPRESS when accepting such shipment, may request sender’s agreement to check the content. If the sender denies - shipment will not be accepted.
Shipment is delivered to the addressee designated in the bill of lading or to another entity, empowered to accept delivery of shipment on his behalf (like persons in the same premises or next to addressee’s). Courier service contract is considered accomplished with the shipment been delivered.
Cash-on-delivery shipments are delivered after the consignee has cashed them. DURONTO EXPRESS then deposit the collected sum to the sender.
In case of wrong address, DURONTO EXPRESS transfers delivery in accordance with the specific additional instructions of the sender. Additional fees are applicable according to the DURONTO EXPRESS Tariff.
Return shipments are delivered to sender after payment for both directions when: DURONTO EXPRESS fails to deliver the shipment after three tries; if consignee rejects the shipment; if DURONTO EXPRESS is unable to deliver due to wrong address (after all reasonable means to determine the right address have been used) or is unable to collect delivery due payments from the consignee.
Rights and obligations of DURONTO EXPRESS Users

Users have the right:
To receive full information on characteristics and features of available services. 
To require contracts for all services supplied by DURONTO EXPRESS.
To have their shipment returned, if consignee rejects it, paying for the DURONTO EXPRESS service in both directions.
2.Users are bound:
      2.1. to prepare the shipment in adequate form.
      2.2. to pay the price for the service. except if other is agreed in a written individual contract or additional agreement.
       2.3. to supply true and maximum detailed information about the shipment consignee.
       2.4. to be held responsible for damages caused to DURONTO EXPRESS. Obligation amount will be equal to the caused damages.
      31.5. to be held responsible to DURONTO EXPRESS, for all damages caused by the contents of their shipment to other shipments. Obligation amount will be equal to the obligation of DURONTO EXPRESS to the parties which shipments have been damaged.
3.DURONTO EXPRESS has the right:
      3.1. to require an adequate shape and packaging of the shipments for transportation, which does not endanger the integrity or contents of other shipments;
      3.2. to reject shipments containing forbidden for transportation goods and substances, according to.
      3.3. to be compensated by MERCHANTs for damages caused by their shipments to DURONTO EXPRESS or other shipments;
      3.4. to sign individual contracts and/or agreements for additional services;
      3.5. DURONTO EXPRESS reserves the right to deny or suspend transportation of shipments which are economically or technically are impractical.
          3.5.1. DURONTO EXPRESS fails to deliver after attempting three times; if consignee rejects the shipment; if DURONTO EXPRESS is unable to execute delivery due to wrong address (after all reasonable means to determine the right address have been used) or is unable to collect delivery due payments from the consignee.
4.DURONTO EXPRESS is obligated:
      4.1. to guarantee equal access to available services for all users;
      4.2. to keep confidentiality of correspondence during and after service has been rendered.
      4.3. to inform users for all characteristics of the offered services, including their prices, the forbidden for transportation goods and substances, as well as when requested by MERCHANTs, to give information on conditions and order for using the services.
      4.4. to consider and take position on user reclamation, not later than 30 (thirty) days after they have been issued;
      4.5. to duly notify MERCHANTs for all or any limits applying to offered services, enforced by the official authorities in cases of emergency or concerning national security or national defense;
      4.6. to put the General terms and the Tariff guide in a visible spot in access places, and to publish them on its internet site, and when requested to give them free of charge to MERCHANT.

Forbidden for transportation goods and substances

DURONTO EXPRESS, according to the Postal services law 1898, forbids the insertion of the following items and substances in the contents of the shipments:
 narcotic, anesthetic, psychotropic and poisonous substances
weapons, explosives, inflammable and other hazardous substances and items.
items and substances which because of their nature or packaging are dangerous to the life and health of DURONTO EXPRESS employees or other persons, or may endanger, contaminate, soil or damage other shipments or property.
 live animals
religious materials of forbidden or not registered in the country sects or organizations.
movable cultural monuments, which do not have issued license or certificate.
insertion of money, valuables, coins, banknotes, monetary signs, travel cheques, objects which are precious for the sender, platinum, gold, silver, polished or unpolished precious stones or other precious items.

Reclamations and indemnification procedures

MERCHANT has the right of indemnification.
Reclamation of damaged shipment should be made by the consignee when receiving the shipment, in the presence of a courier and with his participation an ascertainment protocol in two copies should be filled. 
DURONTO EXPRESS has a limited material responsibility to users concerning shipments which have been not fully or incorrectly executed according to the courier service contract.
For partially or fully damaged, or lost during transportation shipments, DURONTO EXPRESS bears limited responsibility to the amount of:
            4.1. the actual value of the contents, but not more than the equivalent in 100.00 (hundred) US Dollar. 
DURONTO EXPRESS is not responsible for:
      5.1. damage or loss of shipments, caused by force major.
      5.2. damage of shipments due to the sender, because of inadequate for the weight, volume or content of the shipment packaging, because of wrongly stated content, or caused by the nature of the content itself.
      5.3. if the sender has not made a reclamation in the moment of receiving.
      5.4. for shipments containing forbidden items or substances, which because of this reason have been confiscated or destroyed by the official authorities and in the established order.
      5.5. for purely economic loss, including expenses for alternative transportation, loss of profit, loss of business opportunities or loss of income, caused by loss of use, caused by loss or damage, or delay of shipment or package.
      5.6. for damage or loss of packaging.
All reclamations should be directed to DURONTO EXPRESS in writing as soon as possible, for every case, but not later than 14 (fourteen) days after DURONTO EXPRESS has accepted the shipment. If this terms are not kept DURONTO EXPRESS may no longer be held responsible. Reclamations are to be sent to the following address: DURONTO EXPRESS, Level 02 ,Office space 01, 322, Bacchu Mia Complex, Ibrahimpur, Kafrul, Dhaka 1206.
Deadline for reclamation is 30 (thirty) days after it has been deposited with DURONTO EXPRESS.
 3. For damaged or lost package refund will be paid within 3 to 10 days after submission of reclamations to DURONTO EXPRESS. 
Resolving disputes

Disputes between DURONTO EXPRESS and MERCHANT are to be settled by good will. If they fail to reach consensus, each party may request the expertise of the Communication regulation committee or other competent authority.

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